Heating of water and similar liquids

TYP 4206

The heating element consists of three U-shaped heating branches, which are soldered into the head by means of an Ag solder.
Each of the branches features one third of the total power. The head is equipped with a cover with gland AP 16/12, thus providing protection IP 54. Heating
elements without cover are available on request. The head is equipped with a hexagon NV65 (spanner size) and a mounting thread M 48x2 or G 11/2” for easy
installation. The heating elements are manufactured with brass or stainless steel head. The sheath of the heating branches is made of pickled copper, nickel
plated copper or stainless steel.

The heating element is intended for direct heating of water and similar liquids, with an operation pressure up to 1.0 MPa. It must be permanently immersed up to
the head during operation. In case of excessive deposition of lime scale (incrustations) on the sheath during operation, it is highly recommended to
provide water treatment – this will contribute to a longer lifetime of the element.
Connecting options:
Each branch is designed for voltage 230 V, at the model with power of 7500 W for voltage 400 V.Models with 230 V branches can be connected on single phase or
on 3x400 V. Model with 400 V branches can be connected on 3x400 V Δ.

typové číslo objednací V W L
420690210 230 1500 270
420690220 230 2000 270
420690230 230 2400 290
420690240 230 3000 240
420690250 230 4000 315
420690260 230 4500 340
420690280 230 6000 440
420690500 400 7500 610

The sixth digit of the order type number indicates the type of thread, material of the flange and material of the sheath of heating branches (see table below).




THREAD Z materiAl
0 M48x2 brass Cu-nickel plated
3 G 1½” brass Cu-nickel plated
4 M48x2 stainless steel stainless steel
5 G 1½" brass Cu-pickled
7 M48x2 brass Cu-pickled

Order example 420693210:
- electrical parameters and length according to the above mentioned table
- flange made of brass, with thread G 11/2”
- sheath material of heating branches - nickel plated copper

Note: Type number 4 soldered by Ag25CuZnO

Heating of water and similar liquids
Heating of water and similar liquids

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