Heating of water, storage water heaters

TYP 4633

The heating element consists of one shaped heating branch, which is mounted into a brass head. The heating branch is equipped with connecting terminals with screws M4 for cable connection. The head is equipped with a hexagon OK 50 for
easy installation.

The heating element is intended for direct heating of water and similar liquids (e.g. for storage water heaters type OUV III/160L and OUV III/200L). The heating element must be permanently immersed up to the head during operation.
Operation pressure up to 0.6 MPa.
In case of excessive deposition of lime scale (incrustations) on the sheath during operation, it is highly recommended to provide water treatment – this will contribute to a longer lifetime of the element.

typové číslo objednací V W L
463390000 230 2400 408
463390010 230 1600 340
463390020 230 1000 230

The sixth digit of the ordering type number indicates the surface finish of the
heating element:
0 – without surface finish

1 - nickel coated

Heating of water in storage water heaters
Heating of water in storage water heaters

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