Ordering and Delivery Terms and Conditions

The customers of Backer Elektro CZ may apply their orders in writing by post, fax, or electronic mail to the e-mail address. After receiving and studying the order, possible uncertainties are consulted with the customer over the phone. As soon as the order is mutually clarified, the customer is sent a written order confirmation and the general business terms and conditions of Backer Elektro CZ. If there are no further comments on the customer’s part, the job is included in production within the nearest possible agreed deadline. If regular standard types of heating elements are concerned, which are available in stock, it is possible to dispatch them to the customer without further delay.

In the interest of trouble-free and therefore quick processing of the order of heating elements that are in the standard assortment of Backer Elektro CZ it is important to know and state their nine-digit drawing number:

With new types of heating elements or if the entire nine-digit drawing number is not known, it is necessary to state the following information in the order, if possible:

• Type number, if known
• Element/bar shape
• Drawing or sketch
• Heater medium, max. temperature and pressure
• Voltage and input
• Element shell material
• Heating element use purpose (equipment description)
• Non-heating zones
• Bar profile requirement
• Connecting and fastening elements
• Required quantity and delivery deadline

In case of a request of a new type of a heating element, the technical specification stated is clarified with the customer by phone, fax, or e-mail. If a more complex matter is concerned, expert consulting with the employees of the business and technical departments is suitable, directly at the site in Backer Elektro CZ in Hlinsko.

Based on all the known data, we can send you by fax e.g. a drawing of the heating element from our current assortment that has identical parameters as the requested element or a drawing with parameters suitably modified according to your assignment. After your assessment and approval of the design, it is possible to assign the job into production immediately within the nearest deadline available.



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