Heating of cooling liquid in motors of lorries

TYP 4826

The appliance consists of a heating element that is fixed to a head made of steel and cast iron, covering the terminals of the heating element. The head is equipped with a double cable gland AP 16x12 and AP 13.5x12 and with a lid that protects the head against splashing water.

The heating element is intended for heating of the cooling liquid in motors of buses and industrial vehicles with motors series M 1.2, for facilitating the start in the winter period, at temperatures below –10 °C. It is intended for motors Liaz M, MS 630; M, MS 634; M, MS 635; M, MS 636; M, MS 637; M, MS 638; M, MS 640; M, MS 640F; ML 634.

The individual models of the heating element should be used as follows: 482690000 – for motors produced after 1988 (riser on the side of the motor block) 482690020 – universal for all motors (rear lid of the cylinder head).

Time required for heating up the cooling liquid from –5 °C to the optimum temperature +40 °C is approx. 1 hour. Please, refer to the attached instruction manual for installation.

typové číslo objednací V W
482690000 230 1000
482690020 230 1000
Heating of cooling liquid in motors of lorries
Heating of cooling liquid in motors of lorries

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