Part of tubular bathroom heaters

Part of tubular bathroom heaters (dryers, also applicable as an auxiliary heat source in hot water radiators) TYP 15032 (6248)

Heating element type 6248 is intended for heating of water in radiators for heating of rooms. It is suitable for heating of water in tubular heaters, especially in bathrooms, that can be used for drying of towels or other textiles as well. They can also be used for heating of water in stand-alone radiators that are not connected to the central heating. Moreover, they can be used as an auxiliary heating source in radiators of central heating, especially in that period when it is not effective to heat up the whole building with a central heating.

The heating element consists of a sheath made of high quality stainless steel, a flange with a thread G 1/2” and with an O-ring sealing, and a flexible cord with a plug or with a space thermostat.

The heating element is equipped with Y-type cord connection, so that in case of damage the cord can be replaced. The heating element is designed as a Class I appliance, degree of protection IP44.

It is equipped with a self-resetting temperature limiter (70 °C or 95 °C) that assures safety in case of failure. The temperature limiter features long lifetime (up to 10 000 cycles).

The element should be mounted either in a vertical position with the connecting flange always oriented downwards, or in a horizontal position (the heating element must be always in the bottom part of the radiator).

The electric network installation must meet the local requirements and regulations and should be installed by qualified personnel only. For installation of the heating element, please, refer to safety standards for household and similar electrical applications EN 60335-1 and EN 33 2000-7-701.

The elements meet the requirements for installation in zone 2 and 3 according to EN 33 2000-7-701.

Application examples

1. For tubular bathroom heaters. Power of the electrical heating element must be in accordance with the power of the tubular radiator heater, as specified by the manufacturer (it is not allowed to install a higher power than specified).

a) Combined performance The input valve must be closed during operation. The heating element should be installed by means of the T-shaped fitting, through which it is connected to the tubular radiator heater and to the central heating system. The heating element does not obstruct the normal operation of the hot water heating during the ordinary heating period.

b) Stand-alone operation The heating radiator should be filled with an antifreeze liquid up to 95% of its volume. This is important due to thermal expansion of the mixture during operation.

2. For central heating radiators. The heating element should be mounted so that is replaces the bottom plug of the radiator. In case that the radiator is not fitted with a G 1/2” plug, a reducing adapter G 1” or G 11/4” should be used.

The upper control valve of the electrical central heating radiator should be closed during operation. In case that a lower control valve is used as well, it should be open. Venting of the system should be checked and performed regularly. The heating element does not obstruct the normal operation of the hot water heating during the ordinary heating period.

Please, refer to the attached instruction manual for correct installation into the radiator.

typové číslo objednací V W L
1503293010 (624893010) 230 300 390
1503293020 (624893020) 230 400 440
1503293030 (624893030) 230 500 540
1503293040 (624893040) 230 600 590
1503293050 (624893050) 230 700 690
1503293060 (624893060) 230 800 740
1503293070 (624893070) 230 900 840
1503293080 (624893080) 230 1000 890
1503293090 (624893090) 230 1200 1050

The sixth digit of the order type number indicates the type of the temperature limiter:
3 - temperature limiter 95 °C
4 - temperature limiter 70 °C

T shaped fitting

T-shaped fitting is an optional part that must be ordered separately.

typové číslo objednací THREAD
624800080 G 1/2"

 T odbočka





Electronic temperature control type TH 810TN

Elektronický regulátor teploty typ TH-810T

• intended for electrical tubular bathroom heaters

• on/off switching according to room temperature with accuracy 1 °C

• range +5 °C to +30 °C

• optional cooling/heating mode

• max current 16 A (3500 W)

• stand-by mode max 100 hours

• displays set and current room temperature

• no time programming available

• degree of protection IP 20


Part of tubular bathroom heaters - dryers
Part of tubular bathroom heaters - dryers, also applicable as an auxiliary heat source in hot water radiators

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