Warming of electrical windings in apparatuses (moisture condensation protection)

TYP 4378

The heating element consists of a stainless steel heating branch that is equipped with ribs made of stainless steel. The heating branch is attached to a cast-iron box with a gland AP 16/10 and with a lid, thus providing protection IP 42.
The outer surface of the box is protected by fire lacquer, the lid is nickel plated. Fixing of the heating element is performed by means of three fixing screws M5.

The heating element is intended for warming up of various electrical windings in
apparatuses that operate in tropical areas, where moisture condensation is likely to occur.

typové číslo objednací V W L
437895030 115 175 320
437895120 230 110 500
437895130 230 195 320
437895140 230 200 320
437895330 240 175 320

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