Heating of air, contact heating, defrosting

TYP 5108

These heating units consist of a heating element and a connection cable, featuring a waterproof connection. They are produced in many types that differ in parameters according to the particular application. They can be used, for
example, for contact heating of plates, to which they can be either attached or mounted in grooves, as well as for heating of steady or flowing air and for heating of liquids. They can be used for defrosting, as well.

These elements are manufactured in lengths from 300 to 3300 mm, for voltages 12 to 400 V and with power rating according to the heated environment. The heated environment also specifies the sheath of the heating element that can be
made of steel, stainless steel or copper.

typové číslo objednací V W L N CABLE
510890120 230 155 600 100 CGLG-3x0,75x1000
510890350 230 300 1000 140 CGLG-3x0,75x3000
510891490 230 300 1000 140 CGSG-3x1,00x1500
510891640 230 250 1000 190 CGLG-3x0,75x2000
510891730 230 200 600 100 CGSG-3x1,00x2500
Heating of air, contact heating, defrosting
Heating of air, contact heating, defrosting

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