Heating Films

Heating films provide a lot of advantages. The flexibility of the material allows heating films to be used in fields such as communication, automotive industry, medicine, household heating etc. We offer heating films of various materials with thermal resistance from -270°C to +400°C and surface load of 0 – 10 W/cm2.

Examples of Use
- Heating rear-view mirrors, heating rain gutters
- Floor heating, anti-freeze protection
- Heating pads for medical purposes
- Heating handles (e.g. chainsaw)
- Waterbeds, heated food display cases and counters
- Diesel filter heaters

• Silicone
• Polyamide
• Polyester
• PEN – Polyethylene naphthalene
• PET – Polyethylene terephthalate
• Talc
• Aluminium

Heating Films
Heating Films

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