PTC Elements

PTC elements are used as heat sources in air heaters, drying units and space heaters in cars and trains.

PTC elements offer a lot of advantages, such as fast and even heating of the element, or no fluctuation in the performance in spite of the effect of airflow. They have a self-regulating function, long service life and there is no risk of overheating.

The elements consist of a PTC thermistor and aluminium bands joined by soldering or gluing. A PTC element may be installed in a heat-resistant plastic frame, or directly built-in a specific application.

The PTC technology is also used in tubular elements and printed heating elements and heating films.

• Fast heating of the element
• Self-regulating function
• Heating performance controlled by airflow
• Even heating without any changes in the performance
• No risk of overheating
• Long service life

Examples of Use
- Space heaters, air dehumidifiers
- Towel dryers, air heaters
- Heating plates, drying appliances, laundry dryers
- Glue guns, heating systems in cars



PTC Elements
PTC Elements ø 12 mm

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